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Press images about the VSTS Project. Graphics are in 16:9, 4:3, 1:1 formats respectively.

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TVP3 Lublin

Group of IT specialists and scientists from Lublin want to use modern methods to treat speech impediments, which affect one in five Polish children

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Polskie Radio Lublin

Speech therapy device from Lublin - chance for good articulation

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Kurier Lubelski

Voice samples needed. Lublin-based company prepares innovative therapy for people with speech impediments pap

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Centrum Prasowe - Polska Agencja Prasowa

NCBR: Speech impediments innovative treatment system co-financed by NCBR (announcement)

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ISB Zdrowie

Speech impediments innovative treatment system with NCBR funding

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Polskie Radio Lublin

Lublin: developing innovative system for treating speech impediments

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Industi acquires 4 million PLN from NCBR. Creates a system to treat speech disorders

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Radio Eska Lublin

Scientists from Lublin work on innovative pad, which will support the work of speech therapists

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Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju

Innovative system for treating speech disorders gets NCBR funding

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This is the day when we started

Project description

Based on voice and articulation analysis, the Virtual Speech Therapy System will identify speech impediments and choose the form of therapy. The system will provide personalised speech therapy using interactive games and provide feedback on the patient’s progress.

Overcoming current technological barriers will enable to use personalised therapy in the treatment of speech impediments. The use of therapy models module and the personalised therapy programme module will guarantee the treatment’s effectiveness, especially among the youngest patients. VSTS will provide clinicians with access to their patients’ results based on the therapy effects analysis module and the exercises validation module, almost in real-time.

The premise of VSTS is to develop a personalised speech therapy for five groups of disorders. Each group will benefit from 11 models of vocal articulation correction for two age groups – children and adults. This therapy will be tailored to the individual speech disorder and the patient, and implemented through an interactive therapy game.

Virtual Speech Therapy System will make it possible to strengthen auditory, tactile and visual perception in the area responsible for the reception of stimuli characteristic for individual speech sounds. Improving articulation requires repeating exercises several times a day, often for several months or even years. The developed system will significantly enhance auditory, tactile and visual self-control in the process of speaking. Thanks to attractive, interactive form of therapy it will encourage to exercise systematically and minimise the phenomenon of motoric fatigue, commonly occurring in the treatment of speech impediments.

The therapy pad that sends and receives signals from biocompatible sensors placed in the orthodontic pad – instead of intervention with a spatula or a finger by the therapist – will increase the therapy’s effectiveness and comfort. Based on the sensor system, it will provide current feedback on the patient’s progress which will significantly increase possibilities of home therapy.

About Industi

INDUSTI is a fusion of creativity and technology. The company creates new solutions based on value innovation, providing technologically and functionally innovative solutions to the market.

One of the company’s strategy foundations is carrying out research and development projects to develop and create innovative and original solutions, which are then patented and commercialised.
INDUSTI sp. z o.o. activity is based on knowledge, innovative technologies and experience built as a result of creating and implementing specialised solutions in the area of information and communication technologies for the most critical sectors of the economy, e.g. medicine, IT, systems supporting decision-making processes by acquiring spatial data, animation of 2D and 3D spatial data, creation of web and mobile applications, analytical and reporting tools, integration rails, document circulation mechanisms, search engines or comparison engines.

INDUSTI sp. z o.o. engages in R&D projects, collaborating with research centres at universities and other organisations supporting Polish science development. Owing to the joint implementation of projects, INDUSTI sp. z o.o. expansively participates in the transfer of knowledge and experience between the IT industry and the research and higher education sectors.

INDUSTI sp. z o.o. also carries out investment projects co-financed from state aid funds related to the development of technical and technological facilities and IT infrastructure.

INDUSTI Sp. z o.o. develops web and mobile applications, complex GIS systems – tools supporting decision-making processes, business and medical systems. It conducts modern research, development and marketing activities. It creates innovations based on two interconnected pillars: creation and technology.

The range of services offered includes, among others:

  • Marketing – namely marketing research and collecting or analysing all the necessary information, segmentation and selection of customers, targeting markets, shaping the market offer, developing pricing policy strategies, distribution and promotion policies, customer service and maintenance activities.
  • Software production, including:
    • specialised, complex systems – specialised medical systems, GIS systems
    • Business applications – management systems, e-commerce systems.

We create reliable systems and applications in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and 13485:2012 confirmed by TUV NORD certification.

  • Research and development – conducting both commissioned and in-house research and developing new solutions, new complex systems, new and significantly improved products.

INDUSTI deals with corporate customers, both public and business. The company operates on the national market, implementing difficult and complex projects that require a mix of creativity and technology.

INDUSTI sp. z o.o. ul. Narutowicza 77/3 20-019 Lublin,
tel. +48 81 463 44 88 / fax +48 81 463 44 99,
e-mail: kontakt@industi.com
website: www.industi.com
KRS (Polish National Court Register): 0000308642,
Tax identification number: 946 25 54 884,
REGON number (National Business Registry Number): 060376684
Founded in 2008

INDUSTI deals with corporate customers, both public and business. The company operates on the national market, implementing difficult and complex projects that require a mix of creativity and technology.

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