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About therapy -

About therapy

Therapy options

Possibility of remote therapy

VSTS will enable you to reduce the number of visits to a speech therapist’s office. Thanks to the therapy panel, it will provide feedback about the accuracy and overall progress in the therapy with access to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Efficient correction of speech impediments

The module of therapy effects analysis will be responsible for analysing the overall effects of the therapy. It will also monitor the patient’s progress during the treatment process. The module is equipped with a mechanism of linguistic analysis and a therapy progress validator. Therapy effects analysis module will be responsible for determining contact points for subsequent therapy stages and the upper vocal tract model of a given patient.

Multi-level therapy games

Multi-level therapy (up to 6 stages) for the treatment of speech impediments, with varying levels of difficulty adjusted and personalised to the patient.

Live monitoring of the therapy progress by a doctor/therapist.

Thanks to integrated therapy panel, it is possible to continuously monitor the effects of the therapy along with other therapy parameters: exercises duration, number of repetitions, number of errors when increasing the levels of advancement.

Multimedia patient panel

The module is responsible for the graphical representation of therapeutic exercises, including games and therapeutic programmes, and the presentation of achieved results. Because of differences in age groups, the module will have various visual identification systems.

110 therapeutic models

A large number of therapeutic models will enable personalisation of the therapy for the patient. Through acoustic assessment and the analysis of the therapy pad’s signals, our team will develop indicators for the algorithms of the VSTS therapy modules.

Two age groups (children and adults)

Articulation problems among children and adults differ. That is why the VSTS therapy will have different games, exercises and therapy programmes for each group. The speech therapy will help to improve communication skills with the community, increase self-confidence, and eliminate insecurities.

Improving the articulation of 11 sounds

VSTS will have 11 articulation models to correct sounds such as hissing, rustling or hushing sibilants.

Therapy for 5 groups of disorders

The VSTS therapy is suitable for patients with dyslalia, hearing impediment, dysarthria, aphasia and oligophasia. The course of the treatment is completely safe and enjoyable for the patient. It involves exercises that train the relevant abilities – depending on the type of impediment e.g. auditory differentiation, motoric skills of lips and tongue, ability to mobilise the relevant systems of speech organs.